Infinium: Delay Pedal

The Infinium is unlike any delay pedal on the market. Not only does it offer studio quality delay with up to one second of delay time, it packs other expressive effects into the same tiny enclosure as our other stompboxes.

The Envelope Filter mode features adjustable 'Q', Sensitivity, and wet/dry mix to accommodate your desired level of funkiness. The filter responds dynamically to your picking strength and works well with guitars and basses.

The Ring Modulator mode is just the ticket for spacey tones, and experimental textures. Chimey bell-like tones, gongs, and synth-like voices are attainable through your creative fretwork and the available controls. Additionally, delay can be brought into the mix with ring-mod processed delay tails.

Finally, the Delay Mode offers a versatile echo effect with adjustable delay time(up to 1 second), repeats, and wet/dry mix.

The Infinium has a feature set unlike any other pedal on the market, and can satisfy the delay requirements of traditional or experimental players while making the most of their precious pedalboard space.

The Infinium requires a standard 9V DC, 2.1mm Negative tip power adapter such as a Danelectro® DA-1, Boss® PSA or 1-Spot® Adapter(Not Included).

FET Preamp and Buffered Analog Output Section
Multiple effects modes: Delay, Envelope Filter, Ring Modulator, and Ring-Mod+Delay
Delay time up to 1 Second
Blend knob for Wet/Dry mix
High impedance dynamics preserving input
Compact enclosure is approximately half the size other commercial pedals (3.6" x 1.5")
Powder coated aluminum enclosure and rugged construction
Highest quality components throughout including Switchcraft Jacks, film capacitors, long-life pots
Anti-pop switching
True Bypass Operation (will not "suck" tone when bypassed)
Bright LED ON/OFF Indicator
Volume knob adjusts for perceived volume drop wth some modulation and delay settings
Durable textured LEXAN graphics will not fade, scratch, or peel
Handmade in the USA


Price for Pedal: $179.95 (Free USA Shipping and Handling)

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