Triton: Modulation & Reverb Pedal

The Triton Modulation and Reverb pedal is feature rich, handmade stompbox that offers world class modulation effects including Tremolo, Tremolo/Reverb blend, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, and Phaser/Reverb Blend effects.

An array of external knobs allows a vast range of control over the effects and a three position toggle switch selects between the effects modes.

In Tremolo mode, the Rate knob controls the rate of the tremolo amplitude modulation speed, and has an extremely wide frequency range.

The Depth knob controls the tremolo depth which can provide a subtle pulsation, to a dramatic chop.

A Blend knob provides control over the wet/dry balance of the effect and can go from 50% wet to 100% wet. This knob has a secondary function of adding Reverb to the mix once it is turned passed the halfway point.

Finally, a volume knob allows you to slightly boost or cut your guitar signal to overcome the perceived volume drop that is common with modulation pedals, to provide
a unity gain signal level at all control settings.

Flipping the toggle switch to the far rights selects the Chorus/Flanger mode. Here, the blend knob position determines whether the Chorus or Flanger effect is active. When the blend knob is set from 0 to 50%, the Chorus mode is active, and when it is 50 to 100%, the Flanger effect is active. The rate and depth knobs are used in both effects modes and offer wide control range and flexibility. Anything from subtle, slowly swirling tones, to extreme, spaced out effects can be achieved with experimentation.

The third toggle switch position selects the Phaser effect. This provides a nice alternative to the Flanger effect, and also allows Reverb to be mixed in using the Blend knob. Reverb can be used alone by turning the depth and rate knobs to zero. The possibilities are vast with this pedal.

The Triton features a high input impedance FET based preamp circuit, and an analog buffered output stage to prevent annoying volume droop when the pedal is engaged. Like all MythFX pedals, the Triton features True Bypass switching.

The Triton pedal does not sacrifice quality to provide this comprehensive feature set in such a compact package, and features the same bulletproof construction as all of our pedal offerings. Premium components and professional design practices are used throughout, including high grade resistors, capacitors, long-life pots, Switchcraft jacks, and durable powder coated aluminum enclosures with scratch proof Lexan front panel graphics.

If you are looking to add some modulation effects to your pedalboard, the Triton is the perfect answer, and adds more sonic possibilities per square inch than practically any pedal out there.

The pedal requires a standard 9V DC, 2.1mm Negative tip power adapter such as a Danelectro® DA-1, Boss® PSA or 1-Spot® Adapter(Not Included).

FET Preamp and Buffered Analog Output Section
Multiple effects modes: Tremolo, Tremolo+Reverb, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, and Phaser+Reverb
Blend knob allows 50% wet to 100% wet range signal mix
High impedance dynamics preserving input
Compact enclosure is approximately half the size other commercial pedals (3.6" x 1.5")
Powder coated aluminum enclosure and rugged construction
Highest quality components throughout including Switchcraft Jacks, film capacitors, long-life pots
Anti-pop switching
True Bypass Operation (will not "suck" tone when bypassed)
Bright LED ON/OFF Indicator
Volume knob adjusts for perceived volume drop common in modulation pedals
Durable textured LEXAN graphics will not fade, scratch, or peel
Handmade in the USA


Price for Pedal: $179.95 (Free USA Shipping and Handling)

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